Minimum number of people in group – 8

Length of Trip Complete Ultra Light Weight Outfitting* Complete Supreme Ultra Light Weight Outfitting*
3 Days                          $210.00                                         $295.00
4 Days                          $260.00                                         $345.00
5 Days                          $310.00                                         $395.00
6 Days                          $360.00                                         $445.00
7 Days                          $410.00                                         $495.00
Additional Days                          $50.00                                         $55.00
* Prices per person. Deposit Required: $75 per person
  • “A” Super Saver Trips

    5 to 7 day Completely Outfitted group canoe trips for groups who can begin their trip in the middle of the week rather than on the weekend.

    Lt. Wt. Supreme
    5-Day Super Saver Package $295.00 $355.00
    6-Day Super Saver Package $325.00 $405.00
    7-Day Super Saver Package $375.00 $445.00
    Additional Days $50.00 $60.00

    Deposit Required: $75.00 per person
    Note: Trips must start on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.


    • Complete outfitting including:
    • Lt. Wt. – Ultra light weight aluminum canoes (61 lbs.)
    • Supreme – Ultra light weight Kevlar canoes (42 lbs.)

    Not Included:

    • Permit fees, Fishing Licenses, Forest Service and Quetico user fees
    • All applicable US and Canadian taxes

    These trips are ideal if your group is able to start your trip mid-week, instead of on the weekend. Permits are more readily available and you will experience less traffic when you begin your trip. All this at a substantial saving.


    Your group size must be a minimum of 8 persons to qualify for these special package rates.

  • “B” Food & Canoe Package

    3 to 7 day package for groups who have most of their own camping equipment but want us to pack their food.

    Lt. Wt. Supreme
    3-Day Food & Canoe Package $190.00 $230.00
    4-Day Food & Canoe Package $210.00 $250.00
    5-Day Food & Canoe Package $250.00 $295.00
    6-Day Food & Canoe Package $295.00 $345.00
    7-Day Food & Canoe Package $320.00 $395.00

    Deposit Required: $75.00 per person


    • Complete Food supplies packed in bear-proof containers
    • Lt. Wt. – 17’ light weight Alumacraft Canoes (61 lbs.)
    • Supreme – Kevlar Canoes (42 lbs.)

    Not Included:

    • Permit fees, fishing licenses, Forest Service & Quetico user fees all applicable taxes & transportation.

    This package is designed for those groups who have all of their own camping equipment but do not want to go through the hassle of hauling canoes or organizing food supplies. Our food supplies have generous portions and you will not find them lacking in any respect. They also come
    packed in a bear-proof food barrel. Canadian Waters is the only outfitter to use this system exclusively. A complete cook kit is also included upon request at no additional charge.

  • “C” Canoe & Equipment Package

    3 to 7 day package for groups who need complete outfitting but prefer to pack their own food.

    Lt. Wt. Supreme
    3-Day Canoe & Equipment Pkg $125.00 $165.00
    4-Day Canoe & Equipment Pkg $170.00 $225.00
    5-Day Canoe & Equipment Pkg $210.00 $275.00
    6-Day Canoe & Equipment Pkg $250.00 $325.00
    7-Day Canoe & Equipment Pkg $290.00 $375.00

    Deposit Required: $75.00 per person


    • Complete outfitting except for your food supplies
    • 1/2 rate for round trip transportation to all entry points in the Ely area

    Not Included:

    • Permit fees, fishing licenses, Forest Service & Quetico user fees all applicable taxes & transportation.

    This package is designed for groups that prefer to pack their own food but want Canadian Waters to provide all of the canoes and camping equipment. When packing your own food you should keep in mind that the United States Forest Service and Quetico Park do not allow cans or bottles
    for food or beverage items. All food and beverages must be packaged properly to meet the legal requirements.

Partial Outfitting Rates – 2019

Deduct 10% from all prices listed below for groups of 8 or more persons all using the same item. *10% discount does not apply to Kevlar canoes.

Item Daily Rate
Lt. Wt. Aluminum 17’ – 61lbs $25.00
Lt. Wt. Aluminum 18’ – 67lbs $28.00
Royalex 15’ & 16’ – 58lbs $32.00
Kevlar Tandem $45.00*
Kevlar 3 person $48.00*
#3.5 Nylon Pack $ 5.50
#4 Nylon Pack $ 6.00
Granite Gear Supreme $ 7.00
Cascade Sealine Pack $ 6.00
Bear Proof Food Pack $ 7.00
2 person Alps Mountaineering $10.00
4 person Alps Mountaineering $15.00
5 person Alps Mountaineering $18.00
Item Daily Rate
Cook Kit (2 person) $12.00
Each Additional Person $ 2.00
Tarp (10×10) $ 5.00
Sleeping Bag $ 6.00
Foam Sleeping Pad $2.00
Therm-A-Rest $ 6.50
Camp Saw (sharp) $ 2.25
Camp Axe (sharp) $ 2.50
Camp Shovel (for Canadian Trips) $ 1.75
Camp Stove (single burner w/case) $ 5.00
Fire Grate (for Canadian Trips) $ 1.50
Supreme Ultra Light Weight food supplies (per person) $42.00

Departure Points

We include free transportation for all of our Complete Outfitting Groups to and/or from the following Entry Points that have an *. Half rate for those entry point without an *. Charges listed below apply to the “ Food & Canoe Packages” and groups needing partial outfitting and are based on one way per vehicle.

Entry Point
04 Crab Lake $35*
14 L.I.S $125
16 Moose River $115
23 Mudro Lake $75
24 Fall Lake $35*
25 Moose Lake $45*
Entry Point
37 Snowbank Lake $60*
29 N. Kawishiwi River $45*
30 Lake One $45*
31 Farm Lake $40*
32 S. Kawishiwi River $55
33 Little Gabbro Lake $77
Entry Point
34 Island River $125
35 Isabella Lake $125
36 Hog Creek $175
37 Kawishiwi Lake $175
77 Hegman Lake $65
84 Snake River $95


Moose Lake Tow Service

Utilizing our fast tow service from Moose Lake to Prairie Portage will save you and your group about a half day of paddling to the Canadian Border. Tow Service to Washington Island or Back Bay Portage saves a minimum of a full day of paddling. Rates include canoes and all equipment.

From Moose Lake to: Rate per person
Ensign Lake Portage $26.00
Prairie Portage $28.00
Indian Portage $28.00
Washington Island (Basswood Lake) $65.00

Overnight Accommodations

We have bunkrooms located in our downtown headquarters for overnight accommodations. These private bunkrooms are cedar-paneled, full carpeted, and have direct access to our tiled showers and restrooms. Because of our location, our bunkroom guests are within a two block radius of six restaurants, and a host of clothing stores and gift shops. Our bunkrooms are nonsmoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted! Bunkroom accommodations: (including a complimentary hot breakfast) $17.00 per person. Bunkroom charges are non-refundable, and must be pre-paid with your initial trip reservation deposit.

If you prefer something fancier, there are a number of motels in Ely and we would be happy to help with your reservations. Or, if you wish to contact one of these motels directly their phone numbers are listed below.

  • Adventure Inn 218/365-3140
  • Lakeland Motel 218/365-3330
  • Budget Host 218/365-3237
  • Paddle Inn 218/365-6036
  • Canoe On Inn 218/365-4590
  • Shagawa Inn 218/365-2873
  • Grand Ely Lodge 218/365-6565
  • Super 8 Motel 218/365-2873


*The Ely lodging industry has adopted a policy of non-refundable deposits for cancellations received less than 14 days in advance of your arrival. To avoid any misunderstandings, we recommend that you verify the cancellation policy of the specific motel at the time you are making your reservations.